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How to find number of asset created in a period along with start and end asset number?

SELECT p.period_name, p.period_counter, COUNT (a.asset_number) COUNT,   MIN (a.asset_number) start_number, MAX (a.asset_number) end_number   FROM fa_additions_b a, fa_deprn_periods p   WHERE a.creation_date BETWEEN p.period_open_date AND NVL (p.period_close_date, SYSDATE)   AND p.BOOK_TYPE_CODE=’MY_BOOK1′ GROUP BY p.period_name, p.period_counter ORDER BY p.period_counter

How do I find which organization is master to which child organization?

SELECT p.organization_id clild_organization_id,   p.organization_code clild_organization_code,   c.organization_name child_organization_name,   p.master_organization_id,   m.organization_code master_organization_code,   m.organization_name master_organization_name FROM mtl_parameters p,   org_organization_definitions m,   org_organization_definitions c WHERE p.master_organization_id = m.organization_id AND p.organization_id = c.organization_id ORDER BY p.organization_code

How do I find what is my organization code and organization id ?

SELECT organization_code, organization_id, organization_name,   set_of_books_id, chart_of_accounts_id.operating_unit, legal_entity FROM org_organization_definitions ORDER BY organization_code;

How to change display setting for Oracle Application?

You will typically receive the following error while running a pdf report, when the display is not working properly. Xlib: connection to “myhost01:0.0” refused by server Xlib: No protocol specified REP-3000: Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit. REP-3000: Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit. If you need to change the display setting: a. OAM->Sitemap->Autoconfig-><CONTEXT_NAME> (Applications Tier) ->Edit […]

Which ports are used by Oracle Application R11i by default?

To view the ports used by your current Oracle Application installation navigate to OAM->Site Map->Hosts->View Configuration. It will show the list of ports. It is created during installation and saved as config.txt  under $APPL_TOP. Typical values are like Data Port 9100 Discoverer port 8000 FND Java Cache Port Range Forms Servlet Port Range 18000-18009 iMeeting […]

Where is the adpatch log file located?

Patch log files: $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/log/adpatch.lgi i.e. /appltest/testappl/admin/TEST/log/adpatch.lgi Errors and warnings are $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/log/adpatch.log i.e. /appltest/testappl/admin/TEST/log/adpatch.log

Where is the concurrent manager log located?

Concurrent manger is started by script This is located at $COMMON_TOP/ admin/scripts/<CONTEXT_NAME > something like at /appltest/testcomn/admin/scripts/TEST_myhost01. View this file and will get a line near at the beginning like LOGFILE=”/appltest/testcomn/admin/log/TEST_myhost01/adcmctl.txt” This is the concurrent manger log.