About Myself

Iqbal H KhondkerI found it is always difficult to talk about myself. Let’s try by my name. I am Iqbal H. Khondker. Nickname is pulok, means ‘Joy’ in Bangla. I am from Bangladesh, a small green country in south east Asia. My home town is Bogra which is about 250km north-west from our capital Dhaka. Back in 2007 I wondered to have an electronic scrapbook of my own, which will accompany me for rest of my life. This will be a log of my happening, my thought and ideas, my realization and learning, So here is khondker.com, my scrapbook. Welcome to my scrapbook 🙂

As a human being, the quality I like most in human is intelligence. I love to believe, I am intelligent person too, and often realize I am not. The second thing I like most is wit, which I don’t posses anyway. In my personal life I like to maintain a low profile. My favorite character is Tom from the cartoon ‘Tom & Jerry’. I often find similarity between my human life and tom’s life 🙂

I started my career as a programmer and still love to write code.  Currently I am working  in a GSM telecom operator at Dhaka. In my job, I have to manage and maintain the operations of Oracle ERP and other Enterprise Solutions.

Thanks for your time and visit.

~Iqbal/Pulok  ( ihk [at] khondker [dot]  com )

Last update: Sunday, September 02, 2012