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After first hair cut (October 24, 2008)

Fabian is 7 months old now!

Our Family

Our Family (December 31, 2006, at Bogra)

My Parents

My Parents (December 31, 2006, at Bogra)

Photo of our 7th marriage day on 18th may 2008

Photo of our 7th marriage day on 18th may 2008. This was the first marriage day with utsab.

Last evening with Joheny.

Yesterday we (Sarwar, Dew & me) spent the last evening with Joheny. After a sort spell of rain, it was a quiet dusky countryside evening of Bangladesh, when we finally said goodbye to Joheny.

Farewell of Waleed El-Sonbaty

  Farewell of Waleed El Sonbaty (right), IT Director,  Banglalink; on 15th May, 2008.

Few photos of utsab; he is now at 5 months.

Photos of our first child

These are some photo’s of our first son. His name is Utsab (Festival) . He was born on Jan 08th 2008.